Testing, Ranking System, and Belts

Testing is offered every 3-6 months for those students who are ready for advancement in rank.  The instructors make this determination based on what they see before, during, and after class.  Students will not be asked to test unless it is decided that they are ready.  Students who are ready to test will be notified by the instructors a couple of weeks before testing takes place.  All testing takes place at the Martial Arts Fitness Center in Rochester.

white with black stripe
yellow with black stripe
Keep continue to black belt………..

Youth often require more levels and stripes in their ranking system due to their ability to perform what is needed for their rank.  Older children on the other hand are more developed  with their motor skills, discipline, focus, and maturity and so they are able to progress faster than younger students.

Normal ranking of a youth student:New-Standard-font-b-Taekwondo-b-font-Road-with-divisa-level-font-b-belt-b-font
* white belt – novice
* a stripe on the belt which is now called a gup
* a second stripe on the belt – call intermediate
*a long black stripe on the belt –  which is now an advanced

How to tie your belt:

71618f2615f87e0a0c899a9e7275030d   Taekwondo-Belt-Tied