Student Etiquette and Korean Terms

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  1. ¬†Address the instructors as “Sir” or “Ma’am”.
  2. Remove shoes before entering the training area.
  3. Do not wear jewelry during class.
  4. Only a plain white t-shirt is permitted to be worn under the uniform.
  5. Stand at attention while waiting for instructions.
  6. When seated on the floor, assume martial art posture.
  7. Never wait for the instructor to tell you to practice.
  8. Before class begins, stretch or practice your forms and basic technique.

Students are expected to be disciplined and respectful outside of class as well.


Korean Counting:hardestlang_04
1. Hana
2. Dul
3. Set
4. Net
5. Dah Sawt
6. Yaw Sawt
7. ilgop
8. Yaw Dawl
9. Ah Hope
10. Yawl

Kam sa ham ni da – Thank Youkr
Kibon Hyung – basic froms like unit 1 to 5
Pyung Ahn – Peaceful mind
Chulgi – Iron horse forms 1 to 2
Charyut – attention
Kyung yet – salute or bow to instructor, or hand over the heart to the flag
Joon Bi – ready
Shee Jak – begin
Gup – rank level for white belts and colored belt students
Dan – ranking for black belts
Dee – belt
Do jang – training hall
Baro – return
Sabom-nim-aye – face the instructor
Tae Kwon do – foot hand way, kicking and striking with the hand and foot
Kong Soo Do – empty hand way, old style of tae kwon do
Sim Mu Do – heart martial way, a blend of several martial arts
Hap Ki Do – unity energy way, joint locks and takedowns, with some strikes
Yudo (Judo) – gentle way, throws and ground fighting