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“Becky and Mike, your dedication, hard work, and intoxicating energy has always inspired me though the years. You are amazing instructors that I strive to emulate. You helped me fall in love with Taekwondo all those years ago and I just want to say THANK YOU!” – Master Instructor Will Winter, former student of the Montys

“I joined with my son who I felt needed to work on his focus. He had a difficult time with listening to his teacher in school and following multi-step instructions. When he started in TKD, it was broken down into the basic moves, and as he advanced, they were put together into more complex moves. This was a life skill that I was struggling to get through to him, and I firmly believe that TKD helped him with it

In time, I had my daughter join us. I wanted her to feel strong, and confident in her own skills to defend herself as needed. She worked in TKD for several years and is a very confident child with little fear to try something new.

As an adult in my mid-30s, I joined the class myself, working along with the young kids and other adults. As a single mom of three, I wanted some basic self-defense skills, as well as strength and an activity to do with my kids. I got all those at the Stewartville TKD class. I understand when and how I should protect myself against and attacker with/without a weapon, when to escape, attack, and run,  and feel confident to know the difference. It’s also a fun, full-body work out each time. I found muscles I didn’t know I needed to use!
There isn’t a bad thing I can say about my experience with the Stewartville TKD classes.” – Kim H.


“My children and I started taking Taekwondo classes from Monty Martial Arts more than 3 years ago.  One of my sons signed up through community education.  After seeing how much fun he had that night (along with seeing him break his first board), my other 2 children and I soon followed.  We were unsure at first, but we quickly saw the benefits of learning Taekwondo from Mrs. and Mr. Monty.  Jack, Jordan, and Abbi have learned self-discipline, perseverance, and how to respect themselves and others.  They have learned how to defend themselves if need be.  They are also very motivated for testing, so they can prove to their instructors what they have learned.  These classes not only fun, but are also a great workout!   I have been a runner for almost 30 years, but have recently had foot and knee issues resulting from that.  Taekwondo has been the perfect replacement, allowing me to not only get in a good workout, but also develop some new skills.  The Montys make their classes very family friendly, and we are all proud to be their students!  Taekwondo has become an important part of our lives thanks to the Montys.”    – Jim P, student and father of students Jack, Jordan, and Abbi


“I was asked to take this class with my sister and was very glad that I did!  We were taught useful ways to get out of dangerous situations along with tips to keep you from getting into bad situations.  I would recommend this class for teenagers through adults.”   – Brandi S, self-defense class participant


“I enjoyed the self defense class lead by Becky Monty!! That class was very informative and I learned some nice defense moves!” – Ev G, self-defense class participant


“I love going to Monty Martial Arts Taekwondo classes.  It is a good chance for me to be with my friends and other good people to learn self-discipline and self-defense at the same time.” – Jack P. (13), Taekwondo student